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When you’re trying to live life more fully and worry less often, it’s important to have the ‘money part’ of your life under control.

But that’s part of the problem. For many people, managing money can seem like a full-time job in itself: Crafting a sound investment plan designed to meet your goals; keeping up with the markets; changes in the tax laws; monitoring the performance of stocks, bonds and mutual funds; figuring out what to do about paying college costs; planning for retirement, and estate planning. It really can be a full-time job.

For us, it is a full time job. It’s a job we do for our clients every day; and we can do the same for you so that you can go about doing more interesting things…such as living life to its fullest.

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Building and Preserving Wealth
You have financial goals you want to achieve. Creating an executable plan is the first step to achieving these goals. By clearly understanding your goals and working closely with you, I can create a financial plan to help you pursue your goals.

Portfolio Management
You have taken many important steps to create your investment portfolio. World events, economic issues and personal challenges can affect the status of your portfolio. My goal is to help protect your assets through periodic portfolio analysis. Portfolio management is an important step in preserving your wealth.

Retirement Planning
What does a comfortable retirement mean to you? Traveling to far-flung destinations? Buying a vacation home? Building a comfortable nest egg is the key to an enjoyable retirement. I can guide you toward your retirement financial goals through prudent planning and disciplined investing.

Peace of mind is a valuable commodity. Protecting your family and your assets from unforeseen harm is a precautionary step that cannot be avoided. Learn how today's insurance products can help protect your most valuable assets.

Trusts and Estate Planning
Interested in leaving a legacy for your heirs? Through our affiliate, the Hilliard Lyons Trust Company, LLC, we can provide trust and estate planning services to protect your assets and minimize costs to your beneficiaries. Ask us how to take advantage of these services to improve your planning needs.

Funding for Higher Education
College costs are continually on the rise. Today's tuition rates will pale in comparison to future costs. Plan today to ensure your children's educational future is well funded.

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  • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2018
    Every year, the Internal Revenue Service announces cost-of-living adjustments that affect contribution limits for retirement plans, thresholds for deductions
  • Don't Delay: The Potential Benefits of Starting to Save Now
    For long-term investment goals such as retirement, time can be one of your biggest advantages. That's because time allows your investment
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Wealth Management Solutions
Wealth management solutions built on a foundation as sophisticated as the needs of our clients

Your Hilliard Lyons Financial Consultant combines knowledge and experience with the backing of one of the most sophisticated investment firms in the business.

The enormous complexity of today's investment climate can make managing your assets on your own more and more challenging – and time-consuming.

At Hilliard Lyons, our solutions are developed by a team dedicated to providing the most comprehensive solutions for those with significant wealth – a knowledgeable and experienced team backed by state-of-the-art resources.

Your Financial Consultant will hone in on your overall financial picture – applying your individual risk profile and goals to your investment strategy using targeted asset allocation and methodical investment selection techniques. Our advanced modeling techniques allow your consultant to help you make truly informed decisions about your financial future. Sophisticated "what-if" scenarios show you the possibilities for a complete range of life choices including retirement, education funding, debt management, estate planning and insurance.

The result: an unimpeded view of your situation and an enviable comfort level in knowing where you stand – all coupled with the advice and service of your personal Financial Consultant.

Access to quality wealth management solutions

Putting your plan in place requires access to advanced and exceptional solutions.

Because we have a broad range of investments from which to choose, we can help you create a fine-tuned portfolio that is aligned with your specific objectives.

The right financial plan will point you toward your goals. The right tools will help you get there. Your Hilliard Lyons Financial Consultant will work with you to create your financial plan, providing you with a roadmap of investment solutions targeting your objectives.

Choosing from a broad range of solutions, your Financial Consultant will recommend investment options mapped to your financial plan and matched to your investment profile. We are also able to assist you with the short-term transactions you may require to build liquidity or manage a pre-existing investment position.
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